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Based on the underlying design concept of the JAT Series of “Weaving the highest quality fabric at the lowest possible cost,” the JAT810 boasts a diverse range of original Toyota features, including an Air-Saving System that reduces energy consumption and the new “E-shed” electronic shedding motion. In addition, a newly developed function panel and a factory management system dramatically improve operability.

[ Main specifications ]
- Weft insertion: single electric drum, 2-, 4-, 6-, 8-color exchange electric drum
- Nominal reed space: 140cm, 150cm, 170cm, 190cm, 210cm, 230cm, 250cm,260cm, 280cm, 300cm, 340cm, 360cm, 390cm
- Shedding: negative cam, positive cam, crank, dobby, electric shedding, jacquard