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The new LWT710 water-jet loom is a fusion of the fundamental technologies in the LW Series water-jet looms perfected over the past 40 years, the carefully planned functioning concepts of the JAT710 air-jet loom which has achieved the major share of the global market and the needs and expectations of our customers. Through our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we have created the ideal weaving machine, combining higher speed and lower vibration with a wide range of new and improved features.

The new LWT710 Series Water Jet Loom has these superb features,

Enhanced Operability
The function panel offers vastly improved communications features. We have made use of the latest in electronics technology and troubleshooting, with our sights firmly set on the future of fabric mills to achieve not just great visibility, but also dramatically improved machine operation and handling.

High Speed
Maximum speed: 1,250 rpm
A new beating mechanism, new frame structure, ultra-fast CPU processing speed and other design features enable operation at a maximum speed of 1,250 rpm (R/S 190, single-color, crank-shedding specifications).

High Quality
Offering a short stroke and extended weft insertion time has allowed us to dramatically shorten the distance from the beating point to the heald frame. Beat-up performance is improved and shedding volume is reduced enabling the weaving of high-quality textiles while placing minimum strain on the yarn.

Use of the beating link and let-off / take-up controller from the dependable and proven JAT710, along with use of a new weft-insertion mechanism, make possible weaving that is gentle on the yarn, from light to heavy fabrics. The full complement of standard equipment, together with a diverse range of options that include our own innovative w-FIS and a ten-frame negative cam, make it easy to accomplish weaving fabrics of varying fineness, high-density fabrics, and more.

Low Vibration
Through 3D design and computer analysis, we have achieved optimization of the frame structure, including the cross-rail connections, along with lighter weight and optimized balance for the beating mechanism. This in turn achieves low vibration during high-speed operation.

Communications Features
The function panel enables communication in-house as well as with customers and the Toyota head office through the application of TMS or iTTCS.